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Boston Globe
Answering Afghanistan's call
Architect returns to country he fled
By Susan Chaityn Lebovits Susan Chaityn Lebovits | December 4, 2005

The gunshots rang out decades ago and far away from his new home in Waltham, but
Najim Azadzoi still remembers them vividly.


ENR, Engineering News Record,
Afghanistan is the Key to Rebuilding Iraq 05/02/2008
Najim Azadzoi and D. Michael Hicks

After five years of war, and ten previous years of economic sanctions, Iraq is devastated. The nation’s infrastructure is virtually non-existent, and more
than three million Iraqis have fled their homes. As the world community embarks on a rebuilding effort, the complexities and challenges appear


Society of Afghan Engineers
Demolition of Statues in Afghanistan
By Najim M. Azadzoi
The Society of Afghan Engineers in the United States publicly joined worldwide condemnation of the demolition of pre-Islamic statues and
monuments by the Taliban in Afghanistan.


Perini Management Services, Inc.
Perini’s unique history with U.S. Government sponsored construction projects and worldwide construction experience has led us to develop
specialized expertise in the areas of Design/Build Construction, Secure Facilities, Rapid Response Construction Management Services, Remote
Locations/Adverse Conditions

Design Coordinator, Ed Greco, Perini with
Najim Azadzoi, President Azad Architects onsite in Afghanistan


The Boston Globe
Answering the call

Afghan activist steps up to the microphone to help other women
By Brian MacQuarrie,
Reprinted from the Boston Globe

''She has a very good understanding of the situation. She is not biased. She is not politically linked to one party or the other,''
Azadzoi says. ''We
really need someone of that character, especially among the women.


The Boston Globe
For Afghan refugees, fears come rumbling back
By Marcella Bombardieri, Globe Staff, 9/16/2001

About 40 Afghan families have been long established in Massachusetts, according to
Najim Azadzoi, a Newton architect and leader of a
Massachusetts group called the Afghan Community of New England.


Wellesleyweek news
museum exhibit explores racial issues
searching for answers: 'muslims and sept. 11'
calendar of on-campus events

"Refugee Rights and Reconstruction in Afghanistan."
Najim Azadzoi, Society of Afghan Engineers; Connie Chow, Amnesty International; Westy Egmont, International Institute; Joung-ah Paul
Ghedini, U.N. High Commission for Refugees; Ghulam Farooq Parwani, Dreams of Freedom Museum. 7 pm, Collins Cinema. Sponsor: DMCC. Info:


Cry, the Beloved Country
By James McCown
Publication: Architecture
Date: Friday, February 21 2003

"It was the most cosmopolitan of cities," recalls Afghanistan-born
Najim Azadzoi, a Boston-based architect who has made several trips to the country
at the invitation of the interim government. "It was a true meeting of East and West." Today the country's capital reels from a potent double legacy of
Soviet totalitarianism and Islamic theocracy. Squatters occupy bombed-out buildings and use mud bricks to plug holes against winter's chill. In the
city and surrounding villages, the detritus of war becomes building materials. A row of spent shells doubles as a makeshift cornice; two junked tanks
form supports for a bridge.


an interactive presentation with: Lalith Lankatilleke
UN-Habitat Chief Technical Advisor in Kabul
Lalith Lankatilleke has been working several years on the rebuilding of Kabul, focusing on community involvement and shelter.
Join us for a presentation and informal discussion...
Stella Room, Monday, May 10
Najim M. Azadzoi,AIA.
Azad Architects/ Designers and Planners


AREU Library Catalogue

Contents: Afghanistan zwischen Wiederaufbau und innerem Zerfall. –[Vergleichende Statistiken von Afghanistan, Albanien, Bahrain, Bangladesh]–
Afghanistan (Dictionary of Islamic Architecture).–Afghanistan : utopian upgrading? / Jolyon Leslie. – Kabul, Afghanistan / Zahra Breshna. – Rebuilding
Afghanistan /
Najim Azadzoi.


Newbury Court Retirement Community


Expatriates discuss rebuilding Afghanistan
Sarah H. Wright, News Office
February 27, 2002

Congressman Barney Frank, D-Mass., offered the Society of Afghan Engineers
moral support and fund raising suggestions at an MIT conference on rebuilding
Afghanistan on Feb. 8.

"I think we had the right to go after Osama Bin Laden. But we caused great pain and
destruction in Afghanistan. And having done what we did in Afghanistan for good
reason, we have reason to undo it. We have a moral obligation. This time, we are not
going to abandon Afghanistan again," Frank said to the professional group of 40
Afghan expatriates, including two alumni of the School of Architecture and
Planning--Najim M. Azadzoi (S.M. 1984) and M. Rafi Samizay (M.A.A. 1974).