Azad Architects, Designers|Planners
became extensively involved in the
reconstruction of Afghanistan. Azad
Architects was the first design firm that joined
with Perini Management Services, Inc. of
Framingham, Massachusetts and entered
Afghanistan in January 2002.

Najim Azadzoi, Principal Architect and the
Owner of Azad Architects, was born and
educated in Afghanistan. He taught
architectrue at Kabul University in 1978-1981
and practiced architectrue in the City of Kabul
at that time.
Prior to the establishment of Azad Architects,
Mr. Azadzoi worked with UNICEF on sanitation
projects in several Refugee Camps in
Peshawr, Pakistan. H also e practiced
architecture in a number of architectural firm in
Pakistan. He is responsible for the design of a
number of high end luxury residential
complexes in Islamabad and Peshawar. He
also designed a number of commercial,
industrial, and Institutional sturctures in Kohat,
Peshawar, and Islamabad.
As a student at the department of Urban
Housing in Developing Countries at MIT, he was
A member of a team who designed the
Low-Cost Housing porjects in Iraq and in
-3rd. world