Long before September 11, 2001 and thereafter September 11, Azad
Architects engaged in the re-bulding of Afghanistan. Ten years of Russian
occupation and six years of Afghan civil war destroyed the intrastruction
of the country. Azad Architects organized and actively participated in a
number of conferences, workshops, and seminars to address the need for
reconstruction of Afghanistan.
Azad Architects published a number of articles on the subject of
"Re-Building of Afghanistan" in professional publications. These included
articles published in the Urban Land Magazine, Architecture magazine,
ENR Engineering News Records, AREU Library Catalogue, Boston Globe and
in a number of local and International newspapers and university
Azad Architects volunteered to take part in the re-building of Afghanistan.
These included delivery and distribution of architecture and engineering
books to Faculty of Engineering in Kabul University in 2003, purchase and
delivery of furniture to Ghazi High School in Kabul in 2003, distribution of
cash to Ariana Girls School in Kabul, lectures at the department of
Architecture at Kabul University, and helping the Afghan refugee family to
setle in the Boston area since 1980s.
Sept. 2002 Conference in Kabul
Kabul University Library, 2002
Class of Architecture, Kabul University